Sunday, April 24, 2011


Perghhhh assignment tersangatlah bersepah ok... dengan final project nya, dengan contest nya.. arghh segala macam la ...rasanya bulan nie mmg bulan bergelombang dengan assignment la...daa x sesapa volunter nak tolong??? 

nih antara assignment yg kami kena hadap:

1. visual communication
- create dua logo tourism

2. English:
-Vocabulary Log(Acunpunture)
- Reflective Journal-write a paragraph of 150 on cause and effect taht answers ONE of the essay question.
(a) Identify one important turning point in your life and the Causes that led up to it
(b) Identify one important turning poiny in your life and the EFFEct taht resulted up to it
-Cause and effect essay- do a research and apply the skeleton technique

1. creative thinking and solution
-mind mapping untuk final project

- proceed layout untuk final project

owhhhh banyak x? mampus dennn


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