Thursday, March 15, 2012

THIS MEANS WAR terbaik!!!!

Ada tak sesapa yang tetiba rasa nak tengok wayang? kalau korang ada pasang niat nak tengok wayang, ni crita pertama yang aku suggest.. terbaikk wokk!!!klakar xyah cakap la.. hlang kawalan diri nih..

Nah, ni  sipnosis die...

Director McG (Terminator Salvation) is best known as an action film kind of guy and while This Means War has some action scenes, it is at its core, a romantic comedy.  With a screenplay courtesy of Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and Timothy Dowling (Role Models) and featured performances from Reese WitherspoonChris Pine and Tom Hardy, we are treated to a humorous take on the  competitive nature of the alpha male.  The movie starts out sluggish and unfunny, but once it hits its stride it is mostly fun and games through the very end. 
Pine plays FDR Foster and Hardy plays Tuck, two best friends and CIA agents who have been through thick and thin together.  From the opening sequence set atop a Hong Kong skyscraper, they react in perfect unison to the other’s every move as they foil the daring robbery attempt by uber-euro-trash-criminal Heinrich (Til Schweiger). 
Of course this being a comedy you’ll need to roll with the ridiculous series of choreographed scenes that seemingly makes every bad guy such an utter buffoon that they get waylaid by our two heroes without either even breaking a sweat.  
While Heinrich manages to escape, his little brother takes a header off the skyscraper and thus sets up the story’s revenge seeking bad guy backdrop. 
All the action scenes follow this same outrageous formula from the paintball park to the restaurant knockdown to the final car chase scene on a closed highway.  Implausible and unbelievable come to mind many times, but this was never meant to be anything other than a silly love story.  It seems like nothing could come between them until they both meet the same amazing woman.  Witherspoon plays that amazing woman, Lauren, and while she is instantly attracted to Tuck, she begins to fall for the charming FDR.  Little does she know that these two brothers will pull out every stop in order to best the other, including making improper use of the Patriot Act in order to achieve the upper hand.  They recruit teams of agents to assist them in eavesdropping and to commandeer top secret military hardware as this delirious spy vs. spy spoof rolls toward the predictable finale.

There are some scenes that seem to have been inserted as nothing more than filler.  Such as when Lauren runs into an old flame and his fiance and foolishly lies about her love life.  Rather than just saying hello and moving on, she pretends she's off to meet her boyfriend for lunch, only to find herself seated next to them at a sushi bar sans her non-existent boyfriend.  I suppose it has happened to someone just like this, after all, writers usually draw from personal experiences.  
In a perfectly cast supporting role, Chelsea Handler portrays Lauren’s best friend, Trish. It’s Trish who advises Lauren to try online dating, how she meets Tuck, before then suggesting that Lauren try dating both men, like test-driving a car.  While the dating games of the insane continue, Heinrich inches closer and closer to the unsuspecting and love-smitten agents until the timing to strike is just right.
This is the perfect movie if you’re looking for a date film that has a little something for both of you.  Action and romance with good looking actors.  Just remember that it’s only a movie and it is meant to entertain you.


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